Made-To-Order tailoring, designed in Brooklyn, NY. 
Making every garment expressly for you means you get the fit and fabric you want without the errors and hassle so common with self-measurement. Our house cut is contemporary and designed to fit easily into your existing wardrobe, and as lovers of tailoring we know you might want to tweak key jacket measurements, and receive trousers with exactly the width and length you like. Having started as a concierge MTM service, we carefully check every order and stay closely in touch so you know you’re in good hands. Our method also significantly reduces waste, and by now we’re all familiar with the adverse social and environmental effects of fast fashion. Ultimately, the product is something you’ll wear and love for years, and you can always feel good about supporting small businesses and independent designers. 
If your garments need a touch-up we're happy to credit up to $75 for alterations. Just let us know what your tailor did and we'll update your information in our system, so your next order will be spot-on. 
If your garments need a touch-up we're happy to credit up to $75 for alterations, or remake them if need be. And if you aren't entirely satisfied we can offer you a full refund as well.